YYC Softball Little League

"The kids game is NOT supposed to look like the adult version"

"Changing the Game Project" has many awesome articles related to youth sports.  Here are a few favourites.  
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Yes, players need to develop. But they need to be engaged first, in order to stick around to develop.


Softball, early specialization in a late specialization sport…hmmm!!


Quotes we love!

"It’s not just about getting kids in the game; it’s about keeping them." 

"It’s time for the adult agenda to take a back seat to the needs of the kids"

"Focus on early engagement, not specialization: Help your kids fall in love with their chosen sport/sports, and let them own the experience."

"They knew that there was no need for a 12 and Under national champion to be crowned"

"Yet over and over, decisions are made, programs are implemented, teams are formed, and competitions are structured to serve the needs of adult administrators, coaches and parents, but not the kids."

"The kids’ game is NOT supposed to look like the adult version, which is played with the most complicated rules, the most players, and the biggest spaces"

"Develop as many kids as possible with the best coaching possible for as long as possible instead of segregating the haves and have nots in elementary school."